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Shenzhen KYT Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D of KYT smart parking system, it includes: Shenzhen KYT Parking System Sales Co., Ltd. which is responsible for sales, installation and maintenance of KYT products; Shenzhen Dingtai Smart Mechanical Parking System Co., Ltd. which is responsible for R&D and manufacturing of KYT products.

Our factory is located in No. 1 Longshan Road 2, Luotian, Songgang, Bao'an District. It covers 15,000 square meters including 4500 square meters of steel structure plant, 6,000 square meters of three floors framework structure of standard heavy industrial plant and 4,000 square meters of office building. Our plant is near Nanguang high speed and Longda high speed, rapid and convenient transportation, and has various kinds of technical staff and management staff of nearly 300 people.

Shenzhen KYT Technology Co., Ltd. developed and produced KYT patent products of parking system based on taking full advantage of existing talent, technology and equipment. It fully meets the social demand with cost effective. The product advantage as follows: when parking into the garage, you can drive directly onto the car plate and no need reversing; one parking space is an independent garage and no-interference each other; one parking space is an independent set with small noise, ownership is very clear; car plate is parked on the steel beam, it is very safe and stable; foundation construction period is short, only need to embed foot screw for column, no need large area excavation. To solve the current parking problems in the city, especially for small space and complex terrain and other factors, our products made outstanding contributions. High safety and availability can fully be met the customer requirements, we provide the garage planning, installation, commissioning, operation training, after-sales service and other services until customer satisfaction.

KYT parking system, let parking be a happy thing! Give us one parking space, well create more exclusive parking space for you!

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